The Fish Strain

Seven years ago we introduced the Emperor strain for their looks and huge growth rates, producing fantastic looking carp with good body shape and a huge variety of scale patterns, coupled with their hard fighting characteristics and long life span means the Lana Springs Emperor strain is, in my opinion, the very best available in the UK today. In the right waters, these carp are capable of reaching that magical 50lb barrier.

Emperor lakes is a syndicate water I fished a number of years ago and has produced some huge fish over the years, the largest growing to over 58lb, it has produced no less than 7 different 50lb plus fish, it currently contains over 25 different 40s and several 50s. The syndicate lake at Emperor lakes is only 6 acres in size and contains the best fish I have ever come across in regards to looks and growth rates, when you consider a 6-acre lake containing approx. 120 fish with 25 of them over the 40lb barrier, plus another 3 fish that are over 50lb, and several more that are approaching 50lb we are talking about a very special water and a very special strain of fish, to introduce this strain we brought back eggs [with the permission of the owner], hatched and grew the fry on, each year we graded them keeping the very best fish for another season, once they had reached maturity we selected the very best to spawn, each year we refined the broodstock selected to produce the best carp that achieve huge growth rates and are beautiful looking fish, something for everyone from lightly scaled fish with big shoulders and deep bodies to beautiful heavily scaled fish, the commons are also outstanding.

The health of our stock is always put first

Each year we spawn hundreds of thousands of carp then regularly grade them so we end up with the absolute cream of the crop, the fish we now have on-site are exceptional, to say the least, and have exceeded our expectations, growth rates are better than we could have imagined, and with looks to go with it, we have a huge variety of carp available just take a look at the galleries to view just some of our stunning fish.

Once stocked into a fishery growth rates can vary greatly as much depends on the water quality, stocking density and availability of a good quality food source, stocked into rich waters these fish can grow very fast, once above 10lb they are easily capable of putting on 5lb to 7lb per year, in fact, I’ve had some fish do 8lb to 9lb per year and on sensible diets.

All our fish are fed with our own quality carp pellets, the farm ponds are treated with chalk or ground limestone each year to neutralises any acidity that builds up in the lake bed, this also increases the amount of calcium in the system making the lakes rich in natural food so the fish get a good balanced diet.

The health of our stock is always put first, it pointless growing fish super fast on silly high protein high oil diets only to have them die at an early age, our aim is to product superior quality carp that are healthy and long-lived. We also produce Wells Catfish here on site, for more info contact Chris on 07789304942