Aeration systems

          Aeration systems is one of our specialities at Lana Springs Fish Farm, over the last 15 years we've tried and tested all types of lake aerators, we regularly receive calls from customers asking what type of aerator is best and where to buy them from, theres such a bewildering range of equipment available all claiming to be the best on the market, its no wonder customers struggle to decide which system is best for their lake.

         Surface aerators such as paddle wheel aerators are expensive to buy, unsightly, noisy and expensive to run, with 20 separate lakes here on site it made sense to run all the lakes off one large system rather than buying 20 separate aerators and having to supply power to all the lakes, its much cheaper and easier to move air around than electricity, for our site a diffused air system suited our needs best for day to day aeration, diffused air however is not ideal in the event of a oxygen crash, normally this is due to an algal die back, so we have two splash aerators and small generators on standby just in case, if you just want to improve water quality, growth, catch rates etc then diffused air is the way forward, but if your lake suffers with oxygen crashes then ideally you require both diffused air and surface aeration, we stock and sell both diffused air systems for general aeration and surface splash aerators as these are by far the best for oxygen crashes. Aeration is not cheap but when you consider the value of your stock and the benefits aeration brings, it's absolutely worth investing in.

       For our diffused air system we have large blowers that feeds air through a network of pipes around the site, this air is then fed through diffusers in each lake, the rising bubbles lift water from the bottom of the lake and expose it to the air at the surface where it absorbs oxygen, this process also mixes the warmer water at the surface with the colder water from the lake bed, by constantly turning the water over in this way we create a better overall oxygen level and more even temperature. Another advantage with this system is it can be used to de-ice the lakes in winter.

      After many years running and improving our own system we started to supply our customers with smaller versions of the system we had developed for our fish farm, as times gone on we have developed more and more sophisticated systems, we have even designed and now produce our own diffusers here on site, these diffusers are cost effective and virtually maintenance free compared to diffusers readily available on the market today, most diffusers need regular cleaning to maintain their efficiency as the small holes tend to clog up over time, its relatively easy to pull out the diffusers to clean them if you have a small pond with just one or two diffusers, but with a larger system and lots off diffusers maintenance becomes a real headache, as time goes by maintenance generally gets forgotten about leading to the reduced efficiency, so we developed a diffuser that doesn't clog, you can never say never, but we've never known one to clog yet.

      Basically our system comprises of a blower or pump which distributes compressed air through heavy duty sinking pipework to the diffusers situated out in the lake, the air rising up from the diffusers lifts the oxygen poor water up from the lakebed to the surface where it can absorb oxygen from the air, this updraft of water also mixes the warm water at the surface with the cooler layers below creating a more even overall water temperature. Everything in the aquatic environment requires oxygen, so by increasing the amount of oxygen available everything can thrive, this means more natural food and fish that feed harder and for longer, thus producing better growth rates and better catch rates. Fitting an aeration system is probably the single greatest improvement you could make to your fishery.

      We design and build each system to suit each lake or fishery, multiple lakes can be run from just one system or you could have several smaller systems supplying individual lakes, we can supply aeration systems for anything from a small garden pond up to large commercial fisheries with multiple lakes, some of the main advantages of our system are.


1, Completely out of sight, much better than having a big ugly paddlewheel sat out on the lake.


2, Totally snag free, the heavy weighted pipes leading out to the diffusers are supple so they follow all the contours of the lake bed.


3, Virtually silent, the pumps are extremely quiet, just 50 db. Very quiet.


4, Cost effective to purchase and run compared to surface aerators, they use a fraction of the power compared to surface aerators.


5, Almost maintenance free, each year the pump will require a service kit to be fitted and thats about it.


We design each system for each lake so its impossible to list an absolute price here but they can range from about £400 for a small 2 diffuser system up to £10,000 or more for a very large system with multiple pumps feeding multiple lakes.




Splash aerators

We only supply the best quality original Italian made splash aerators, splash aerators are the absolute king when it comes to proving lots of oxygen fast, these Italian built units are capable of running in salt water and we all know how corrosive salt water is, please be aware there are many many copies out on the marked, they may be a little cheaper to buy but their lack of performance and and short lifespan soon lets them down, although our Italian made units are slightly more expensive they are capable of running for years with just a little maintenance, they are fully UK serviceable, I've know units that have been used for 10 years and still going strong, a little servicing goes a long way, it's like your car, if you don't service it then at some point it's going to break down, and that's generally when you need it the most, things don't break down when their sat in the garage, they always break when your using them, so my advise is buy the best quality units you can afford and then look after them, get them out and test everythings working as it should before you need them, this way your in the best position to cope.


We stock 2 sizes.

375 watt splash aerator.

750 watt splash aerator.

larger units are available upon request.



      For more information regarding our aeration systems please call Chris on 01409281801 or 07789304942     




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