Feed Pellets

Due to the rising cost of our own pellet that we’ve used for many years, we have now switched over to use Aller Aqua feed pellets, we’ve had good results using our own feed pellets over the years but with rising costs it was time for a review, Aller Aqua pellets are more expensive than the pellets we developed for ourselves many years ago, but the Aller Aqua pellets are a higher performing pellet with better feed to weight conversion rates, we’ve opted to feed less volume of a more expensive better performing pellet, this also means less labour too which helps balance out the extra cost of the feed.

We can supply our customers with whatever pellet we are buying in at the time, however this will vary throughout the year depending on temperature, please see below. We order fresh pellets in every couple of weeks and can order in anything that you want from there range as long as they have stock.

We use various different pellets from the Aller Aqua range to suit water temperatures at the time, for instance during the summer months were using their Primo pellet, this is a 37% protein pellet with a fat content of 12%, Primo has excellent feed to weight conversion rates in warmer water, as we approach autumn well switch over to Master for a short while, this has a slightly lower protein of 35% and the fat content is down to 9%. Then as temperatures start to fall away we use Classic Vitamax which is a 30% protein pellet with a fat content of 7% which also includes their Vitamax formula, this additive helps fish deal with the stress of going into winter and cope with the stress of handling when we start to harvest our fish and begin delivering our orders, this means our fish are delivered in the best possible condition and better able to cope with being stocked into their new home.

In the depths of winter depending on temperature we may feed Classic Vitamax or their lowest protein pellet known as Top, this is specifically formulated for water temperatures from 5 degrees C to 10 degrees C but can be fed at warmer temps if needed.

If you would like a quote for feed pellets please contact Chris on 07789304942 for more info.