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        We produce our feed boilies to allow fishery owners to feed the larger fish without wasting feed on the smaller nuisance fish, the machinery we have developed is huge, this allows us to produce over 1000kg per day, the manufacturing process is almost fully automated so this helps to minimise production costs thus keeping the overall cost of our feed boilies down, the boilies have been formulated to be a complete balanced diet and have a balanced nutritional value containing a full vitamin and mineral supplement.

        We mill our own carp pellets to a fine powder then add other ingredients such as, pre digested fishmeal, maize protein extract, purified blood powder, ground hemp, vitamin and minerals.

       With the help of a company that specialises in this field we developed our own protein based egg replacer, this is because the lipid or fat content of eggs is too high, our protein binder has a lipid or fat content of just 0.5%, compared to over 40% in eggs, carp use the lipid or fat content as an energy source so it is essential at the correct level, during the colder months they require less as they are less active, as the water warms up they require more as their activity level increases, but too much fat in their diet can have disastrous consequences on their internal organs, so its important not to exceed 10% in winter and 12% in summer.

    Their ability to utilise protein also increases as the water warms up in summer, ingredients have been carefully chosen to ensure the carps 10 essential amino acid requirements are met. 

         We use no preservatives so customers require adequate freezer space, to give you an idea of how much space is reuired a 6 foot chest freezer holds around 250kg of boilies.           

           If you are interested or require more information please don't hesitate to contact Chris on 01409 281801 or 07789304942



       Boilies are available in various shapes and sizes, also various protein and oil contents, please see below. We can also include additives such as Super G, this is super strong garlic which can be fed to fish that are suffering with parasite problems, if fish are fed regularly with this herbal remedy it can seriously reduce and even eliminate certain parasites such as argulus, Super G costs just 30p per kg extra.

       We can also include immune system boosters, these help the fishes immune system fight back and should be fed to fish that are suffering from stress, bacterial infections, parasite infestations etc, prices from 25p to 35p per kg extra, phone Chris on 07789304942 for more details.  




LS30  all season boilie, ideal for all year round


30% protein

8% oil



LS35  higher protein boilie more suitable for the warmer months


35% protein

10% oil





Round boilies 20mm.


LS30    per kg 


100kg    £3.25

200kg    £3.00

500kg    £2.75

1000kg   £2.55 


LS35    per kg


100kg    £3.45

200kg    £3.20

500kg    £2.95

1000kg   £2.75

We are back up and rolling rounds again now, thanks for 

your patience. 





Barrel shaped boilies 16mm, 18mm and 20mm


LS30    per kg


100kg    £3.00

200kg    £2.75 

500kg    £2.50

1000kg   £2.30 


LS35    per kg


100kg    £3.20

200kg    £2.95

500kg    £2.70

1000kg   £2.50


please note fish feed is VAT free


all prices include delivery to mainland uk


for more info please contact Chris on

01409 281801 





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