Fish feed pellets

6mm pellet

       We have developed our own top quality carp feed pellets, these are only available in 6mm, they are a complete balanced diet and have been developed specifically for carp although they are also suitable for all non predatory coarse fish, we have developed these pellets with the help of one of the countries leading fish nutritionalists, a huge amount of research, development and testing went into getting them just right, things like getting the amino acid balance right makes a massive difference as this helps them get the most out of the feed. They are formed using a low temperature process which helps to preserve the nutritional content of the ingredients. We produce a summer feed and a winter feed, please see prices below. 

      We are achieving very good growth rates using these pellets normally 5lb to 6lb but 7lb or even 8lb per year is not unheard of. These pellets sink and will break down within about 30 to 60 minutes, you may think that because they break down some of it would be wasted, believe me if fed correctly they polish the lake bed and don't waste any, if there is any left after 24 hours you're over feeding, or feeding the wrong area, it is very important to feed fish where they want to feed. I have even use them as bait when fishing other lakes and have had some fantastic results even when no one else is catching. Ive had reports of match anglers actually winning matches when using our pellets. They contain no fishmeal so will remain edible in the water for much longer, fishmeal based pellets turn rancid in warm conditions very quickly, even after just 24 hours in hot weather, whereas our pellets will still be attractive and perfectly edible after several days. We've used feed from all the major manufacturers over the years and we've found these pellets to give us the best results and be more cost effective.



Summertime feed available approx May to October


Basic nutritional information


Protein            32%

Oils and fats     8% 

Crude fibre       5.50%

Ash                 9.5%

Calcium           1.07%


Available in 25kg bags, delivered on a pallet or can be collected.



10 bags £350

20 bags £560 

30 bags £750 

40 bags £870 




Winter feed available November to April


Basic nutritional information


Protein            26%

Oils and fats     7% 

Crude fibre       5.25%

Ash                 8.75%

Calcium           1.07%


If you need any more info regarding the nutritional values please phone or email


Available in 25kg bags, delivered on a pallet or can be collected.



10 bags £300

20 bags £470 

30 bags £62

40 bags £750 


All prices include delivery to mainland uk, fish feed is vat free but there is vat on the carriage, this is included in the price. 



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